Knights Templar-linked underground tunnel complex dating back 700 years found under rabbit hole


A photographer has uncovered a stunning 700-year-old underground complex believed to be linked to the Knights Templar.

Beneath unassuming holes in a farmer’s field near Shifnal, in Shropshire, lie untouched caves allegedly used by the medieval order that fought during the Crusades.

Photographer Michael Scott, from Birmingham, set out in search of the caves and came back with pictures of the remarkable underground network.

The pictures of the Caynton caves show archways and a series of walkways carved out of sandstone.

Some chambers are so small that those exploring have to enter them on hands and knees, the Shropshire Star reports.

There are rumours the caves have also been visited by pagans and druids wanting to hold ceremonies and are popular at solstice and Halloween, the paper adds.


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