10 Mysterious Discoveries Found On Earth

Number 1

The Voynich Manuscriptbook

An illustrated hand-written manuscript, known as ‘The Voynich Manuscript’, remains a mystery to scientists. In part, this is because the text has no origin, thus rendering it almost impossible to track. Still, that hasn’t stopped linguists and scholars attempting to solve the mysterious writing. In fact, two people came forward in 2014, with one attributing the text to an ancient Mexican dialect, while the other believed it was a coded Asian language. However, through assessing the papers material, scientists have at least managed to date the document to the early 15th century.


Number 2

The Mount Owen Moa Clawclaw

Dating back 3,000 years, this freaky relic was found in the caves of Mount Owen in New Zealand. The claw belonged to an extinct flightless bird know as the ‘Moa,’ which became extinct around 500 years ago. However, with the claw relatively preserved, it’s since made scientists question that figure.


Number 3

Costa Rica’s Stone Spherescosta

Very random, right? Yes, these granodiorite spheres are strewn across the island and have scientists equally as baffled as to where they came from.


Number 4

The Gate Of The Sunsun

Like the well-known British Stone Structure Stonehenge, The Gate of the Sun’s solid stone arch construction is just as mysterious.


Number 5

European Stone Age Tunnelseu


Number 6

Lost Treasurelost treasure

Britain’s SS Gairsoppa was the victim of numerous Nazi Torpedo strikes in 1941. Though, aside from human fatalities and the drowning of the ship, 240 tons of pure silver bullion also plunged to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

However in 2012, Odyssey Marine Exploration of Tampa, Florida recovered forty-eight tons of the solid silver blocks, as the photo above illustrates. It’s believed the find’s value was $38m.


Number 7

New Shark Species Discoveredshark


It may look strange and slightly fictitious, but the picture shows an unknown, yet authentic species of deep-sea shark. Hauled from the depths of the Indian Ocean, the crew aboard the expedition collected over 300 sharks over a two-month period. After evaluating their findings. It was thought eight new species were discovered, with most hauled from around 2,000 meters below sea-level.


Number 8

Mohenjo- darok

Discovered in the 1920s, the 490-acre Mohenjo-daro settlement in Pakistan is thought to be one of the world’s earliest and most sophisticated town. There is even evidence of a draining system, which in 2500 BC, is highly impressive.


Number 9

L’Anse aux Meadowssun

Only discovered in 1960, the World Heritage Site is the only evidence of pre-Columbus exploration to North America. Thus, according to this archeological site in Newfoundland, Canada, it was in fact the Vikings who first discovered the continent.


Number 10

Yonaguni Monumentyongi

Located off the coast of the Yonaguni, the southernmost part of the Ryukyu Island, the mysterious underwater site has led to various disputes between scientists and academics around whether the rock formations of Yonaguni Monument are man-made or naturally formed.  But with the Japanese government refusing to send out any research teams to survey the site, it will be hard for any definitive conclusion to be reached.


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