The Amazing Caspian Sea


Sprawled out along the edges of European civilisation lies one of the great natural wonders of the world; the Caspian Sea. The largest inland lake in the world, the vast, enigmatic Caspian Sea has long captured the imagination of mankind and has been the birthplace of legends, myths, and numerous mysteries for thousands of years. The ancient Assyrians believed that the lake was from whence the sun rose and set, and the legends of numerous ancient civilizations of the region have been influenced and shaped by this mysterious body of water.


Beyond the ancient myths and legends are very real mysteries that have endured through to the modern day, and the lake is pervaded by enigmas both natural and otherworldly. Let us take a tour of the strange wonders of the Caspian Sea. The largest enclosed inland body of water on earth by area, variously classed as the worlds largest lake or a full fledged sea. The sea has a surface area of 371,000 km2 (143,200 sq mi) (not including Garabogazkol Aylagy and a volume of 78,200 km3 (18,800 cu mi). It is in an endorheic basin (it has no outflows) and located between Europe and Asia. 


There have been reports of people seeing Mermaid type sea humanoids. With sightings of an apparent amphibious man swimming amoungts a shoal of fish.


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