6 Things You May Not Know About Earth

⚪️  There is an area in Canada known as Hudson Bay with uneven mass, and where there is uneven mass there is uneven gravity. Long since melted glaciers lined the area, now they’re gone and the burden of gravity remains in both the ice sheets and underneath earth’s crust, leading to lower gravity there than anywhere else on earth. However the difference in gravity is so slight that it’s not like you will be moon jumping over Hudson Bay.


⚪️  65 miles above the atmosphere, the first ever photo of earth was taken with a camera carried by a V2 missile in 1946. It snapped a frame every second and a half and managed to survive re-entry, the scientist’s that reviewed the footage were beyond excited, finally capturing the earth from another perspective.


⚪️  There exists a flat lake bed in death valley known as ”race track player” in which rocks physically move from place to place and these aren’t small rocks we’re talking about. The theory is that these ice encrusted rocks are flooded by malt water from the hills, this makes everything very slippery and along with a heavy breeze allows the rocks to travel.


⚪️  There is a well known theory that at the beginning of earth’s development there existed a smaller twin planet known as Theia roughly the size of Mars, 4.5 billion years ago it crashed into earth and most of it was absorbed into the earth’s crust, the rest drifted off and formed that celestial body known as the moon. The reason this theory came about is because typically planets of earth’s size don’t have moons quite so big and not to mention varies matters found on the moon somehow shared with earth.


⚪️  Three lakes in Cameroon near the border of the Congo commonly known as the ”exploding lakes.” In 1984 on a small stretch of road a gas cloud appeared and swallowed a great number of the local villagers walking on their way to work before getting swept away by the wind. 37 people were killed instantly and they discovered that the gas cloud was in fact carbon dioxide released in an explosion from the lakes which happen to be sitting above volcanic earth and continues to do so to this day.


⚪️  Back along time ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth there existed a super continent called Pangea that merged all the countries of the world together in one land mass, but did you know that another super continent will form in the next 250,000,000 years called Pangeaultima including a subdomain of the western Atlantic, the destruction of the Atlantic and Indian basin, rejoining America with Africa and Europe.



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