How To Clean Produce With Apple Cider Vinegar, Help Cleanse Produce Of Pesticides And Certain Types Of Bacteria


A lot of us may of heard about the wondrous effects of Apple Cider Vinegar and how good it is for our health, well here is another use to put to the test.

There could be a whole schlew of parasites, bacteria, pesticide or other toxic residue on the fruits and vegetables.  Not to mention all the hands that have already touched those berries!  They’re all hand-picked in the fields, where there is no soap and water readily available for hand washing.  Just another reason why we started our own garden, and why everyone should consider growing their own vegetables, especially the ones you eat every day.  Besides knowing who has touched your food and how it was grown, learning how to harvest lettuce could also save you a few bucks on your grocery budget.  And every dollar counts!”

Even organic produce is at risk.  Do you know any farms that use.. um, natural fertilizer?  Are you going to take a big juicy bite out of an apple that fell to the ground tended with horse apples?

Of course not.  But because I’m lazy, the cleaning solution needs to be really, really easy.  And fast.  And effective.  Because even if it’s easy and fast, if it doesn’t do the job, it’s pointless.

We’ve recently discovered some amazing properties of apple cider vinegar, beyond using it as a soaking medium for grains (oh yes, it’s coming!) and in salad dressings.  We’ve used it for healing sinus infections, croup, keep seasonal allergies at bay and even to remove a mole from Mr. Crumbs’ head!  But that’s all coming tomorrow.  First let’s talk about how we can try to clean that amazing seasonal produce that’s showing up at the farmer’s markets.

How to clean produce with Apple Cider Vinegar

Combine approximately 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar with approximately 1 cup of water in a bowl. I used a measuring spoon , but you could guess a pour of each.

Place produce in the bowl and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Agitation is your best friend, so poke and stir while the vinegar does the job. I got sidetracked with peeling carrots while the berries soaked for 10 minutes instead of 5. I don’t know if they’re any cleaner, but at least the vinegar didn’t disintegrate them!

Remove the produce and rinse very well. Allow soft fruits like peaches and berries to air dry completely on a towel. Harder fruits like apples and mangoes can be hand dried using a towel.

⭐️  Agitation is key.  Make a point to stir the produce a time or two while soaking.

⭐️  Only soak the fruits and vegetables you plan on consuming within the next two days.  Coming home from Costco and cleaning all your produce for the month is not a good idea.

Wash big batches directly in the sink.  Fill up the sink with water, add a few big splashes of apple cider vinegar and soak away (not forgetting to stir!).

Another method includes spraying the produce with the apple cider vinegar/water mixture and letting it sit for five minutes before rinsing. 


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