6 Toxins Found In Vaccines


  1. Mercury: Thimerosal or thiomersal are common vaccine preservatives that contain almost 50% mercury. Mercury is extremely toxic in even the smallest trace amounts. Numerous evidence show that mercury exposure may lead to infertility, gastritis and autism, among other abnormalities.
  2. Aluminum: Aluminum is normally mixed into the vaccine as a salt (as aluminium phosphate and aluminium hydroxide). Several studies have shown that aluminum can contribute to the development of impaired cognitive functions, Alzheimer’s and autism.
  3. MSG: Used to stabilize vaccines and prevent light damage, MSG is not less toxic when injected into your body than it is when you eat it.
  4. Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a foul-smelling chemical widely known as a human carcinogen.
  5. Squalene: This is an extremely toxic adjuvant implicated as the cause of Gulf War Syndrome.
  6. Peanut oil: Despite being a well-known killer allergen, some vaccines do actually contain peanut oil or peanut antigens. And, worryingly so, this component may not even be disclosed on the label, either.

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