Neuroscientists Show Video Of Glowing Molecules Turning Into Memories Inside The Brain


The brain is an amazing entity. Most of us tend not to contemplate the stuff sitting between our ears. But each of us is carrying around one of the most amazing objects ever created – and one that governs almost everything about how and why we think, feel, act and believe.

In the January 24th issue of Science, researchers at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine have unveiled an astonishing technique which allows them to watch molecules morph into memories inside neurons.   In order to achieve this, the researchers created a mouse model in which they fluorescently tagged all molecules of the animal’s messenger RNA (mRNA) that code for beta-actin protein — an essential protein found in large amounts inside brain neurons — and a major player in the formation of memories (mRNA is a family of RNA molecules that copy DNA’s genetic information and translate it into the proteins that make life possible).

Heres a short clip of what was captured.



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