Five Places Google Earth Is Hiding From You…

1. Severnaya Zemlya (Russian High Arctic, in the Russian Arctic Ocean)


Scan the Russian arctic ocean on google maps and you’ll eventually find the uninhabited Archipelago, Severnaya Zemlya, or rather you’ll see it’s 14,000 square miles blocked out by a crudely drawn white blob and partially covered by a large grey bar. Google are not the first people in history to leave the island off the map as despite being very visible from the European mainland, it’s presence wasn’t formally recorded until the early 20th century.

2. US/Mexico Border, Texas, America.


For those wanting to plot their trip between Texas and Mexico, a visit to google earth won’t bring them many answers, as the company have heavily distorted the area around Hudspeth county, looking like some incredibly dodgy photoshopping, google twisted the landscape until a section of the Rio Grande was transformed into a surreal blur of waved lines. The blurring hides an area renowned for it’s violent drug trade, which see’s thousands of pounds worth of narcotics pass the border each year.

3. The Volkel Air Base, The Netherlands.


The Netherlands is notorious for censoring it’s online maps, covering military bases across the country. The Volkel Air base is just one example of the heavy pixelation that scatters the country. In 2013 the country’s former prime minister Ruud Lubbers revealed that 22 nuclear weapons are stored at the sites bunker. Four times more powerful than those used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They had been placed there by the US at the height of the cold War.

4. The Michael AAF Building Utah, America.


Based in a Utah Airfield, the Michael AAF building is surrounded by 86,000 acres of sweltering desert that would put most would be attackers off infiltrating the site. Home to projects like the unmanned aircraft systems, the airfield is located on the Dugway ground, America’s primary bio-chemical weapons test centre. This is where toxic agents and biological warfare weapons were tested during world war 2.

5. Pacific North West USA.

Here’s one that gives the chills. What exactly are we not seeing here? The site is close to the Washington-Oregon border and is rumored to have something to do with FEMA, HAARP or, really, anything at all. Prison Planet readers inspected the site in person and could find no identifying details other than an ominous fence and unmarked entrance.



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