10 Herbs/Flowers/Extracts That Lower Your Stress And Anxiety Levels.

1. Chamomile


Researchers have found that drinking chamomile tea increase an amino acid called glycine, the amino acid glycine has been found to reduce muscle spasms. Glycine also acts as a nerve relaxant which gives chamomile it’s sedative effect, other studies have found that chamomile helps to fight depression, anxiety and insomnia.


2. Lemon Balm


Several studies have shown when lemon balm combined with calming herbs such as chamomile, hops and valerian, it helps to reduce anxiety and promotes sleep and overall wellbeing. Most of the research on lemon balm focuses on its ability to reduce anxiety, alleviation of palpitations and the calming effect it leaves on the brain.


3. Passion Flower


Passion flower was traditionally used as a herb to reduce seizures and produce a calming effect on the person. It is believed that passion-flower works by increasing the chemical and amino acid GABA. GABA reduces the brains abnormal activity associated with depression and anxiety. Balancing the GABA amino acid which stabilises a persons emotions and reduces anxiety and depression.


4. Valerian 


Valerian has been used since the 2nd Century AD to reduce anxiety and promote sleep, it became a popular herb in Europe in the 17th century. Valerian can be used as an alternative for prescription medications for anxiety.


5. Lavender 


The name Lavender comes from the latin meaning ‘To wash’. Lavender has been used for a number of ailments throughout history. Research has confirmed when lavender is inhaled it produces a sedative effect, lavender has been proved to reduce anxiety, nervousness, tension and insomnia.


6. Oats

Rolled oats (oat flakes) in a wooden spoon on a rolled oats background. Close-up.

Oatmeal is another food that helps get the calm inducing hormone serotonin flowing. Go with thick cut, old fashioned oats that require cooking instead of instant oatmeal. Why? Coarse oats are higher in fiber and so they take longer to digest meaning their calming effect actually lasts longer.


7. Blue Skull Cap


Skull cap nourishes the brain and gives relief at times of stress and anxiety. Skull cap has been used for over 200 years as a mild relaxant, it’s an effective remedy for nervous anxiety and tension associated with the head. Skull cap tones and soothes the nervous system.


8. Stachys officinalis 


It’s not a very well known herb but effective remedy for treating the nervous system, it’s a herb native to Europe and very popular among Greek culture. It’s not a very well researched herb, but is known to be good for pain around the head area such as neuralgia type pain. It also boosts circulation to the head and is known to improve memory and concentration.


9. Linden


Linden is a native tree of Europe and it’s been found to be antispasmodic and an effective sedative herb. It helps relief nervous exhaustion and restlessness. It reduces agitation and promotes a calming effect.


10. Licorice Root


Licorice root contains a natural hormone alternative to cortisone which helps the body handle stressful situations and helps to balance the blood sugar levels as well as your adrenal glands- calming the mind and body.


Note: Herbal remedies or medicines often cannot be used along side other medications. Please consult your Doctor/Physician before trying any herbal remedies, specifically if you are already on medication of any description.  


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