The Benefit’s Of Good Posture… Even While Sitting Down.

You’re probably sitting down right now… But are you sitting up straight?

There is mounting evidence that good posture leads to all kind of health benefits, from reducing back pain, to even improving your mood.

Bad posture can be hard to correct because it is often so ingrained and it can be hard to break a cycle unless you really focus on it consciously. 75% of people are known to sit in front of a computer or desk and that has lead to bad posture also.

Good posture is good for your overall health. Breathing problems can also arise from bad posture, so keep your diaphragm and spine open and straight this will improve oxygen flow throughout the lungs and the body.


Poor posture will cause unnecessary pressure on other joints in your body, so keeping your posture good will aid in maintaining the agility of your joints. Muscle relaxation also depends a lot on your posture, a correct posture will help to relax your muscles and stop them from tensing up so much.


Good posture also aids in keeping indigestion a bay. When you hunch over you compress your stomach and colon, which can lead to indigestion. Good posture also improves your circulation which aids in your overall health. So make sure you regularly keep yourself in check when it comes to your posture, a little each day will greatly benefit you.


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