Four Mysterious Photos That Have Never Been Explained…

These bizarre photos to this day cannot be explained…

1. The Hessdalen Lights.


Over the years, bright dazzling, laser type lights show up in photo’s taken in Norway’s Hessdalen Valley, many investigators have taken place to try and determine the phenomenon but scientist’s are still at a loss to understand and explain what is going on…

2. The Babushka Lady.


In the 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy, a women is recorded on film and in photographs, she seems to be taking her own photographs while everyone else is running for cover. The FBI apparently searched for the lady but her identify and photo’s were never recovered…

3. The Solway Firth Spaceman.


This photograph has circulated the web for many years but still remains a mystery. In 1964 a man taking a photograph of his daughter captured what appeared to be an astronaut standing behind her. The family claim no one else was present in the shot other than the girl and even Kodak inspected the photo and confirmed the photo was not tampered with in any way…

4. The Geophone Rock Anomaly 


A photo was taken by Apollo 17 during the last flight to the moon. The photo appeared blank and listed as blank, due to extreme light exposure, however when the contrast was adjusted the photo revealed a pyramid type structure…

Non of these occurrences have ever been explained and I will leave you to decide what you make of these mysterious photographs…


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