The Great Nikola Tesla And His Secrets…

When you think of electricity you might think of Edison, when you think  of radio you think of Marconi but there is one electrical genius that who was nearly forgotten, a man who dreamed of giving the world an unlimited supply of energy, his name was Nikola Tesla and he was the master of light.

Many of us would like to believe that achievement of greatness is rewarded if not monetarily then certainly through the even eyes of history. You may be shocked to learn that Nikola Tesla, a man who’s accomplishments have touched our lives on a daily basis has been virtually forgotten. At the head of the 20th century Nikola Tesla originally from Serbia, a great inventor, who’s name was virtually forgotten, catapulted our civilisation to a new age, the use of alternating current, radio, florescent lighting, remote control and robotics, a total of over 700 patterns are all attributable to this man.nt

On Thursday January 7th 1943 at approximately 10:30pm, with the world engulfed with the struggle of the dark forces of nazi war machine, Nikola Tesla was dying alone in a small room in a hotel in New York. Outside the city was alive with his legacy, glistening with the electricity from Tesla’s fully realised vision, of a world powered by alternating current.

Nikola Tesla was incredibly aware of his scientific inventions and their impact in the total development of mankind. Tesla is buried in virtual obscurity, a fallen giant in invention, who’s discoveries made the foundations for some of civilisations most important scientific advancements. He was one of the greatest geniuses of the 19th century. Edison was one level of science but Tesla was many many levels higher… Tesla was a lovely character, searching independently outside of the mainstream science, he must of appeared to the so called normal world like a complete eccentric but that only added to his greatness.

He gave the world a tremendous package of technology, applications and wonder and all of our lives are collectively much better/comfortable, because of his work. Why was this great man so neglected by other scientists and the public? Perhaps the answers lay more in the works never realised by Tesla, than in his publicly acknowledged achievements…


Legend has it, that Nikola Tesla was born at the stroke of midnight in 1856 in the midst’s of a dazzling electrical storm. As a young man his greatest aspiration was to harness the power of Niagara Falls, he achieved that dream and so doing, apotheosised alternate current. Now already a half century of his death a mystery surrounds Tesla, his contributions to a great and many sent him into obscurity, why?

Nikola Tesla was a humanitarian, a US patriot and of course an unbridle genius, though he has most often been personified as the essential mad scientist, perhaps his only real mis deed was been born ahead of his time.

Tesla grew up in a small village in Croatia, the son of a clergyman and a brilliant inventor Mother, Tesla with the ability to learn six different languages before the age of 18, Tesla soon assumed his path in life as a gifted inventor. He had an uncanny ability to visualise his own inventions, to assemble, test and dissemble them to exacting dimensions, all in his mind either while awake or in his dreams. From the time Tesla was a young child, he had the capability to visualise something so intensely and so vividly that he simply couldn’t tell the difference between that and a real object.

In 1884, Nikola Tesla emigrated to the United States, virtually penniless, he presented himself to Thomas Edison and was hired immediately. But when Tesla described to Edison his intricate plan for alternating current and a motor system, far far more efficient than that of Edison’s current system at the time, Edison recognised Tesla as a potentially dangerous competitor to him… Edison didn’t want anyone to get ahead of him, even if the other person had a better system. A prize was offered to anyone who could harness and transmit energy from Niagara Falls to Buffalo New York.

Edison did everything in his power to dis credit alternative current and Tesla. Despite Edison’s opposition, Tesla’s AC Polyphase System was adopted and in may of 1888, George Washington heard about this remarkable inventor and bought the alternating current patterns.


Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

By 1897 both Tesla and alternating current became a household name, throughout the world. He realised completely what would happen with the implementation of alternating current for the whole planet, that it would bring tremendous change to human life and information in general, even in the mental state of human beings.

Despite Tesla’s new notoriety, Tesla was a pure inventor, a great dreamer and did not actively pursue the commercial exploitation of his ideas. His many remarkable breakthroughs in high frequency electricity, including radar, radio, neon and florescent lamps are often attributed to others, for instance, Tesla’s invention of shadows grafts, a system for taking x rays photographs pre dates the work of Viel Helm Renker. Tesla’s fertile imagination enkindled theories for the internet and television years ahead of their time.

Through these visionaries leads are ultimately proven in manifest, Tesla’s tendency towards exaggeration and the manner in which he announced these ideas to the press, caused the inventor a good deal of public criticism. A flamboyant and mysterious man and always very eager to share his idea’s with the world, Tesla demonstrated his laboratory experiments to such a friends as Mark Twain. He was socially capable of hobnobbing with the most elite in the world at the time, Mark Twain, Westinghouse, J P Morgan and from his acquaintance able to finance some of the most spectacular experiments in history. As a publicity stunt, Tesla would sit in his laboratory, while massive bolts of electricity danced about him without the use of wires, airborne streamers would freely illuminate the lamps held in Tesla’s hand.


Tesla was the first person to show how to transmit wireless energy through the air to ignite electrical tubes, which he had in his room, these tubes would respond to different frequencies, so if he produced one frequency, one group of bulbs would light.

In 1898 while perfecting his patterns for the invention, Tesla’s laboratory mysteriously burned to the ground, the fire destroyed thousands of hours of work, costing him personally in over a million dollars… Tesla was understandably horrified at the extent of the damage but Tesla had a beautifully resilient spirit, Tesla’s remarkable mental abilities enabled him to begin the process of recreating his work.

In 1899 Tesla moved to colorado springs to experiment with terrestrial and atmospheric waves. Out on the prairie he pursued his passion for discovering sources of free energy, both above and below the surface of the earth. While investigating the phenomena, the Schumann cavity, he developed this theories for tapping limitless sources of power that all people over the world may share.

Surrounding the earth there’s a cavity that resonates at about eight cycles per second and this cavity exists between the earth and the bottom of the ionosphere about a sixty kilometre gap, it’s a three dimensional resonate cavity, in that cavity you can transmit power of electromagnetic energy at eight hertz with almost no attenuation. The Schumann cavity is pumped for fuel at this time with mega watts of power from the lightening strikes that are occurring many strikes per second on a world wide basis.


Tesla’s idea was to be able to provide power equally to all people on earth. At this time there are two – three billion people out there that can’t go home at night and turn a light on. We can, the people who can’t are living in poverty. Tesla saw that there was a division between the have’s and the have not’s in this world and he was determined to make electrical power equally available to all people on this planet, as a gift.

Tesla’s ideas were great and in genius but the fuel companies were not happy and did not want this to happen, Tesla was also able to broadcast electrical power through the air without any wires and that project was stopped by J P Morgan when the commercial consequences became obvious. Tesla was a compassionate man and was aware that some of his inventions could be used against the people if it got into the wrong hands.

Tesla revealed in a New York Times article that ‘Wardenclyffe’ could also be used as a weapon to take down planes. He managed to stop the catastrophe that could of been attributed to him, because been able to free and target down two billion volts from the ionosphere is sufficient to burn any city on the planet, the effect is stronger than the atomic bomb. Did Tesla discover the ultimate means of destruction? The answer is still un resolved.

By 1915 it is rumoured that Tesla and Edison are each to receive the Nobel Prize but these reports prove false, two years later Tesla is awarded the Edison medal by the American Institute Of Electrical Engineers but any credibility this afforded him was undone by extravagant explanation of how ‘Wardenclyffe’ could be used to modify the weather.

Tesla just wanted the people to have benefits to his inventions but also wanted to let people know the truth and dangers of his inventions if got into the wrong hands. On July 11th 1934 Nikola Tesla developed the death ray, a particle beam weapon that can destroy 10,000 planes at a distance of 250 miles. Tesla claims that a plant for producing this device, could be constructed in three months in a cost of $2 million.

Aide from the devastating capabilities, Tesla believed that if he could successfully build twelve of these tower’s, his would be a weapon to end all wars. Tesla’s famous death ray was a device that was probably very widely misunderstood and may of been one of the reasons why he didn’t receive some of the respect by the scientific community that he well deserved. Tesla’s claims terrified the public but fascinated Hollywood, he was parodied in Superman cartoons as a mad scientist terrorising New York, but that couldn’t of been further from the truth. Tesla’s death ray was a particle beam weapon, a particle beam weapon which he had developed in the 1930’s, it was based on the principle of electro static acceleration of minute particles of charge, similar to work been done by the department of defence.


Tesla was an amazing man and worried of the consequences of his inventions, he deliberately made the exploitation of his invention by any single government, impossible… He put the plans in propriety segments (like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle), he gave it to the English, Canadian, American and Russian government’s so they has to sit down together to collaborate if they wanted to realise the whole invention. Tesla realised that people were not conscious enough to handle this information.


Tesla’s inventions could essentially also save the planet from asteroid impacts too. His inventions have such astonishing variation and ability. I can’t begin to describe what a phenomenal human being Nikola Tesla was and he should be known and remembered for the great inventor, discoverer and humanitarian that he was. Nikola Tesla you were one of a kind, the greatest.


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