Knowledge Of Consciousness,What The Ancient’s Tried To Tell Us And The Use Of Fear=Control…

‘The mind is everything, what we think, we become’ – Buddha.

We are at a time where perhaps a great transition is taking place. Society in the way we know it now is changing rapidly.

People are in fact becoming more conscious, everyday citizens of the world.

Love is the glue of the universe… The more one loves and finds unity and harmony, the more blessings you will feel. acceleration of both technology and consciousness is occurring right now which is right on time with what’s been de coded from Mayan information.


What is getting ready to happen may in someways be a definite positive thing, perhaps a step forward in evolution… An awakening in consciousness. If we look at our solar system and how it works, the moon goes around the earth, the earth is rotating and orbiting the sun, our sun in turn is orbiting sirius and that affects the consciousness of mankind because we have 100% consciousness when the two stars are close to each other then the consciousness falls to 75% then 50%, then 25% etc. In the great orbit of our two sun’s we have turned the corner from the dark ages, now they are pulling towards each other, bringing us to a higher consciousness. So potentially it could be an amazing awakening time. A new world of love coming…

The stars in our sky greatly influence in our existence. What if there is a greater cycle that takes thousands of years, which influence human consciousness… According to many cultures much like the season’s that are familiar to us, human kind undergo a similar cycle in which consciousness expands and contracts, it results in great ages of enlightenment and dark ages of misery and suffering.


Different cultures refer to those cycles as different names, including ‘The Four Yuga’ cycle (Hindu) or the ‘Ages of man’ (Greek). But one thing is certain, these cycles were known to nearly every ancient culture throughout the globe.

The Hindu Yuga Cycle, consisits of four ages;

The Kali Yuga (dark age)

The Dwapara Yuga (bronze age)

The Treta Yuga (silver age)

The Satya Yuga (gold age)


During the golden age, human consciousness is at it’s peak, where unity is celebrated and life is lived in peace, love and harmony. In the silver and bronze age’s our consciousness begins it’s descent to it’s lowest point. The dark or iron age, in which suffering and ignorance is at it’s peak and humans are divided and at war, that seemingly is our current stage.

Then the cycle makes it’s way up again to the golden age, these four ages influence the rise and fall of civilisation across the globe.

It is believed that we are at that time when the dark ages are coming to an end, the bronze age begins and the cross over is taking place during a galactic enlightenment. Many believe that the marker left by the Mayan’s indicates a great shift in consciousness. What were the ancients trying to tell us…. Could it be a time of great change after such terrible suffering in the world.


‘Man thy know myself and you will know the universe and all it’s God’s”

When one understands we are the microcosm of the macrocosm, the stars that go above and around in various different cycles, then we understand the connection between us.

If consciousness changes to a higher vibration, then society the way we know it now, will not be there anymore. The old way has to go and the new has to come, bringing with it peace, love, unity and wisdom to mankind once again. Just trust in love, everything else comes. What is preparing to happen is a positive thing, a step forward in evolution, it’s an awakening in consciousness. You’re not out chasing the ‘so called’ dream that you’ve been brainwashed to believe you should be anymore… You’re actually doing what your inner self dictates to you.

People start to become aware of who they are and they start to realise that there’s more to life than what they are told to perhaps believe and they do want more but not in terms of material things, they want more in terms of peace, love and no more needless war.

A tidal wave of awareness seems to be coming and spreading, a beautiful awakening and it’s definitely not something that anyone should have any fear about. The fear should be in the continues unconsciousness of humanity that creates tremendous suffering.

The fear for mankind is basically the fear of death, which in theory we shouldn’t have because if we continue to teach our original nature of religion, we would still know and have an awareness that death of our bodies is another transition because the soul is immortal, but because we’ve lost this wisdom and true nature of ourselves about the soul and it’s immortal nature, as a result of the lack of knowledge today, we have fear.


One of the first things we are subject to is fear and this is the greatest stick or weapon that can be used to control human beings. and that is what is unfortunately used by society as we currently know it and can also be interpreted as a form of slavery because if freedom of anything is taken away… if fear is infiltrated into peoples society then they are not free and that is a form of slavery without us even been aware of it. This is how a society has predominately controlled our consciousness. We wake up in the morning, the alarm goes, we have X amount of time before we have to be at work, we know if we leave a few minuets earlier it will probably make an easier travelling time etc etc, this is all fear ‘i don’t want to loose my job’ ‘if i loose my job i loose my house’ and so on and so fourth…

What we don’t want to become is slaves to the media, there’s a machine that’s pumping out everyday. They say two things about the papers that you can rely on ‘the price’ and ‘the date’.


If you’re tricked into fearing by the media and people talking about weapons off mass destruction etc, if you’re tricked into going into the fear camp then what is actually happening is you’re relating to the universe through your ego, which is easily controlled and deceived. The people who control our society don’t want us to go into bliss because if our chakras are all awake and we become more divine in consciousness, then they have very little control if any. If you choose love, ego subsides, you awaken and you start seeing a truer reality of what’s really going on around you. Ego has only a very small vision of what is actually taking place and occurring.

‘An enlightened being plays with the universe the way that a child plays with the ball’… because they see the reality of everything. We have all of this within ourselves, you have to trust in the law of love by the universe.


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