The Mysterious Skinwalker Ranch…

The Sherman Ranch is located on 480 acres of land in Utah, as far as normal ranching business goes it was not especially different, however there is another side to the ranches reputation.

For many years it has been the focus of a surprising debate between paranormal investigators and armchair debunker’s, it’s also known by a different name, that name is ”The Skinwalker Ranch’… For skeptics the phrase Skinwalker Ranch may as well be frightening words for fans of Coast to Coast AM, it’s an old story. Reports of alleged paranormal activity first surfaced in a 1996 article by Zack Van Eyck, written for The Utah Dessert News.

Later on George Knapp the then host for Coast to Coast AM published a series of articles on the ranch, in the Las Vegas Mercury. These articles reported sightings of strange lights, paranormal experiences with bizarre animals, cattle mutilations and more… As Knapp continued reporting anecdotes of the ranch, the story caught the attention of entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, a hotel chain owner and founder of Bigelow Aerospace.


George Knapp outside the mysterious Skinwalker ranch.

Bigelow purchased the ranch and founded a team to investigate the sightings, he called this group ‘The National Institute For Discovery Science’… Gathering PHD’s from varies fields along with ufologists to study anomalies at the ranch.

BigelowLogo (1)

They began calling The Sherman Ranch The Skinwalker Ranch, named after the native American Legend of shape changing witches. According to Bigelow, Knapp and several members of the investigation team, there were numerous strange occurrences at the ranch.

Knapp and Bigelow claim that the previous owner’s ‘The Shermans’ left because they were set upon by strange activity, including poltergeists and disruptions at their home. The Sherman’s so far as anyone knows have not publicly mentioned this to anyone else as their reason for their departure.

More skeptical sides of the debate are that there is no hard proof, therefore case closed as far as the skeptics are concerned… They interpret the orbs as weather disturbances or gas and as for the alien looking aircraft there explanation is mis identified aircraft.

A larger question looms over the ranch. If the ranch is rife with paranormal activity then is there any more proof out there?

Why hasn’t there been more investigations?

In and Q&A session on, George Knapp claimed that ‘The phenomena always stayed one step ahead of the people who were there, including the scientist’s. It was as if ‘it’ could read minds’.

Robert Bigelow (the most recent occupant of the ranch) has interest in more than just the ranch. His discovery team also investigated a range of unexplained ariel phenomena, even setting up a hotline for reports.

Does this have any link with Bigelow aerospace? And if so, what? Some of Bigelow’s team argued that the aerial phenomena may be military technology. Bigelow still currently owns the ranch today and stands by his accounts and the accounts of others.


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