Is There Scientific Proof Of An Afterlife?

Have scientist’s proved that life exists after death… They’ve discovered that consciousness may seemingly continue even after death.

In the most extensive study of it’s kind, scientists at the University of Southhampton, UK, have spent nearly four years examining more than two thousand people who suffered cardiac arrest in hospitals in the UK, US and Austria and found that over 40% of people who recovered described as having some form of awareness at the time at which they were declared clinically dead. ‘Evidence thus far suggests that in the first few minuets after death, consciousness is not annihilated. Whether it fades away afterwards, we do not fully know, but right after death, consciousness is not lost’ – Dr Sam Parnia.


Quantum Physics plays a big role in helping to confirm or at least theorise in a mathematical fashion, these claims.

It is known that the reality which we know is not how it really is and that the reason why we experience a rigid world is with deeply structured laws of nature, consistent patterns evolve according to the mathematic principles, since every possible pattern does exist in an infinity.

But what does this all mean… It may teach us that the pattern of Quanti moments of experience are inherently infinite and this means that an afterlife is somewhat inevitable.


One thought on “Is There Scientific Proof Of An Afterlife?

  1. The problem is that science is not competent to address the spiritual component of man. Science is limited as its instruments are merely extensions of man’s 5 physical senses. Consciousness is not produced by the protoplasmic brain. Consciousness is spiritual.


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