What Is Deja Vu And What Does It Implicate…

Deja Vu is a phenomena that all of us have experienced at some point in time an eery feeling that you’ve done the exact same thing before or been at a certain place before but cannot explain how or when.

It turns out that feelings of Deja Vu can actually be induced in subjects in experiments. There is a theory that say’s that Deja Vu simply illicit’s fragments of memory that we have stored in our brain, memories that can be elicited by moving into an environment that resembles something that we’ve already experienced. So parallel universes don’t have to evoke, nor the multiverse, In order to explain most Deja Vu. However it does raise the other question… Is it ever possible on any scale to perhaps flip between different universes…. The answer’s to that are still somewhat unclear.

dejavu (1)

Physicist’s believe that there is really a multiverse that exists, even inside our own living room! For example; we are waves, vibrating waves, these waves vibrate and then split apart with time. Steve Weinburg, winner of the Nobel Prize, compared it to; ‘If you think of a radio, if you are inside your living room listening to a particular radio station, that radio at that moment is tuned to one frequency, but in your living room, there are all frequencies, for example; Radio Moscow, Radio Cuba, Planet Rock Station etc… All these radio frequencies are vibrating inside your living room but your radio in only tuned to one frequency! In other words, when two universes are in phase they are coherent and you can move back and fourth but as time starts to evolve, these two universes de couple, they start to vibrate at different frequencies, they can no longer interfere with each other.

So why is it that your radio cannot listen to another radio station, why isn’t it possible for your radio to listen to all frequencies at the same time? The answer to that is, your radio is de coherent, it is no longer vibrating in unison with these other frequencies and it’s the same thing in Quantum Physics… We consist of atoms, our atoms vibrate but they no longer vibrate in unison with these other universes, we are de coupled from them, we are de coherent from them. So in other words Deja Vu is probably simply a fragment of our brain eliciting memories and fragments of previous situations. However in Quantum Physics, there really are in some sense, parallel universes surrounding us. The problem is, we can’t enter them because we are de coherent from them, we are no longer vibrating in unison.


Deja Vu is a term/word that is French, meaning ‘already seen’. There are still many theories and ideas surrounding Deja Vu, including messages from your higher self or interpretation of your soul having a past life or lives…

Deja Vu is still an enigma but hopefully in time will be more clearly and widely explained. 


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