What Is DMT And Is It Something That Is Deliberately Hidden By The Mainstream…

Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a naturally occurring compound made of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, it’s like a cousin to serotonin. DMT is present in plants and trace amounts in the human body. Scientist’s aren’t sure what role DMT plays in humans, but plants containing DMT have been used in religious ceremonies for thousand of years. In the united states DMT is a schedule one drug, and it’s legal use is restricted to certain religious organisations such as ‘Uniaodo vegetal’.

This substance is illegal under section c, which means there is a lack of excepted safety for use of DMT under medical supervision. The substance is not addictive.

Thousands of people in the US and abroad have used it to experience an extra dimensional plane of reality, vastly different from our own but just as real. According to some researchers, these users may be at least partially correct, it seems that the DMT users, may have eerily similar experiences.


In the ‘Spirit molecule’ Dr Rick Strassman, notes that many of the 60 volunteers he exposed DMT to, reported experiencing an interaction with some other intelligence, an alien presence that communicated with them in their hallucinations. According to Graham Hancock author of the book ‘supernatural’ these presence’s are real and are able to assist human beings.

As evidence Hancock points to the uses of Ayahuasca clinics, which expose drug addicts to traditional Ayahuasca rituals in the amazon. After five sessions with the drug, Hancock claimed more than half of addicts in the clinic broke their addiction


It seems far fetched the idea that a psycho active substance could trigger some kind of extra sensory contact with non human intelligence and is a lot to digest, especially without hard proof.

While conspiracy theorists and researchers like Hancock, argue that the proof is all around the world in ancient religious societies. The mainstream consider this ‘wishful interpretation’ rather than an objective fact of events. Researcher’s believe that a lot of the answers lye within the pineal gland’ a small pine cone shaped gland in the inner most central part of the brain. They believe that the pineal gland may be the source of human DMT production, they also note the great significance in religious arts seems to place focus on the supposed ‘third eye’, which has been interpreted as the pineal gland.


During experiments it was noted that the common hallucinations of patients parallel near death experiences, when the patients were given a high dose of DMT the compound seemed to induce the mental state found in encounters with aliens and religious experiences. Some conspiracy theorists believe that DMT is illegal, precisely because these experiences aren’t in fact hallucinations, once more some argue the government exposes citizens to ‘fluoride’ to inhibit the function of the pineal gland, hoping to keep the nature of these experiences from the mainstream. Yet it’s difficult to believe that a vast government conspiracy this strange could exist without solid proof and scientific research seems to only produce more questions.

⚫️  Why does DMT occur naturally in the human body, specifically sourced from the pineal gland which is known to be linked to extra sensory abilities.

⚫️  Why do high amounts of DMT cause users to experience such similar and lucid hallucinations.

Is DMT really as it seems? Until now the mystery continues….  


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