10 Strange Phenomena And Mysteries Yet To Be Explained….

1. The man who became a genius overnight 


Medical science says quite definitely that by hitting your head hard enough, it can cause you to loose brain cells and also cause brain damage, but not in the case of a man called Jason Padgett, he became a mathematical genius overnight after he was attacked and punched in the head. the 31 year old man was a college drop out and had no previous background in mathematics. He’s one of only a small amount of people in the whole world that has developed genius like tendencies from a trauma to the head.

2. Thigh bone on Mars


In 2014 curious observers spotted what was believed to be a thigh bone from images taken from the Mars curiosity rover and as usual no official explanation has been provided, so until now it remains a mystery.

3. Spontaneous Combustion case


In summer 2014, police officers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, investigated one of the weirdest cases in the history of the department. A 20 year old young man woke up in shock to find that he was engulfed in flames, according to witnesses, the blaze started spontaneously on his body, the victim was treated for second degree burns at a local hospital and all the doctors who reviewed his case said they couldn’t explain it, nor had they ever seen anything like it.

4. Strange natural phenomena in Cornwall, UK

no sand

Recently a very strange and unusual natural phenomena occurred in Cornwall, England, which nobody can really explain. The entire sand volume mysteriously disappeared due to a freak tide but after a second high tide a few hours later, the entire sand volume was re deposited on the beach, returning it to it’s original state.

5. Strange sound in Costa Rica


On January 9th 2012 a strange sound heard throughout Costa Rica became somewhat of a global phenomena. Thousands awoke to a strange loud sound that emitted from the sky, many frightened civilians called the authorities to report the apocalyptic sounding hum, but the lame explanation concerning the thunderous noise left some even more suspicious.

6. Chunk of strange rock in Russia


A strange chunk of rock that was to contain 30,000 individual diamonds was discovered in a Russian mine in December 2014, this white and green tinted rock is considered to be so rare and unusual, it was donated to science so that research could be carried out on it’s compositions and origins.

7. Two pilots saw strange but beautiful sight


Two Russian pilots recently reported seeing a strange but beautiful underwater light show, five hours into their flight from Hong Kong to Alaska. It began with a sudden intense flash in the distance, before red and orange glows could be seen permeating the ocean. The strangest thing about it though, is that there were no storms in the area at the time and neither of the men had ever seen anything like it before.

8. Thousands of dead herring


In 2012 thousands of dead herring carpeted a stretch of coast in northern Norway, and then even more bizarrely completely vanished. The original estimates of twenty tons of fish could not be verified because before the time they started the official count, they all had vanished.

9. Strange objects falling from the sky


Following a hail storm in England, tiny blue, jelly like spheres, about 3cm in diameter, fell from the sky, after they rained down, the sky turned dark yellow, a local witness reported that he found a few and noticed they had a hard exterior shell and a soft interior but they didn’t smell, weren’t sticky and didn’t melt… What were they?

10. The universe’s mass


For a long time, scientist have been trying to find out where most of the universes matter actually is, due to studies involving gravitation and structure of the universe, they’ve only discovered 5% of what actually should be there. This means that 95% of the universe’s mass is missing, well kind of… The missing 95% consists of dark matter and dark energy, they are called dark, because they don’t emit electromagnetic radiation and thus cannot be seen, not even with infra red telescopes. Their existence has only been inferred by their effects on visible matter.


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