Hemp Oil Cured Mans Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer…

In August 2013, Wallace Rose went to a doctor complaining of stomach pains, CT scans found a tumour on his pancreas.

”He told me that it was cancerous but still in stage one at that point and he thought that surgery could save me but I needed to see an oncologist for a referral to a surgeon”.

Unfortunately for Wallace, he did not have health insurance and the doctor wanted $10,000 to perform the surgery and a further $6,000 to set a schedule for the operation.

Wallace and his family decided to fund raise and they succeeded in getting the amount Wallace needed, however 6 weeks had gone by since Wallace’s first diagnoses. When Wallace went for his surgery, the doctor then discovered that in those 6 weeks the tumour had spread in to his liver, stomach, further into the pancreas, spleen and also involved with his arteries. So the doctors cancelled the rest of the surgery, Wallace was sowed back up and then told he had now stage 4 cancer, they told Wallace and his wife that there was nothing nothing more they could do and that it had spread and had become terminal.


Wallace was told that chemo would only extend his life just a maximum of perhaps three months. Wallace and his family were understandably devastated. On the day that Wallace went in for his first course of chemo he was told that cancer levels in his blood were at saturation level now. Wallace at this point was so desperate, he decided to have a gathering of his family and friends. When all of his family and friends had arrived. Some of Wallace’s family members put about 15 small viles of ”phoenix tears”  (which is hemp oil), into his wife’s Christmas stocking.  Inside the vile It’s a very gooey substance, it doesn’t taste very nice but it needed to be ingested in Wallace’s case.

When Wallace first heard about cannabis oil , he said he didn’t believe all the hype and that he thought it was just for the movement of legalising cannabis and no real foundation or truth to the claims. But with such a bad prognosis, Wallace decided he had nothing to loose. So Wallace began taking the phoenix tears, he took about 2-3 grams of it every day, not knowing what would happen or if it would do any good. Then Wallace began searching for a medical marijuana doctor that could help Wallace pursue a cure. Fortunately Wallace found a doctor called Kathleen Smith, who helped him obtain a medical marijuana licence.

Wallace took it faithfully every day and didn’t begin to believe it until Wallace’s test came back showing that Wallace’s cancer cell count had dramatically dropped. Wallace said ”I thought it was an error, I still was believing what the oncologists and surgeon had told me.”

The phoenix tears, along with the two chemo medications seemed to of fully cured Wallace, eaten up all of his tumours, whereas before doctors were adamant that there was nothing else that could be done.

Wallace believes now that even without the two chemo medications he had taken, the hemp oil would of cured him. Wallace has also made the decision to keep taking hemp oil for the rest of his life to prevent tumours re occurring.

There are countless stories appearing of people that have supposedly been fully cured from cancer by using cannabis oils, is cannabis the miracle ingredient, it certainly seems so!


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