Did This Women Catch Other Dimensions And Realities On Film?

For more than 30 years Stella Lansing had appeared to be able to catch strange images on film and tape, nearly every time she rolled the camera or took a shot.

Stella Lansing said ”I didn’t realise it was any kind of gift or anything at the beginning, I was just trying to get proof of what I was seeing, I tried with every kind of camera I had and as this went along, I asked someone if only I had a movie camera and they let me borrow theirs and that’s when I started to get my very first night time sighting”.


Rand Molnarm, director photo imaging labs at The Brookes Institute said ”there is usually something rational or mechanical that produces a particular image on the film, as appose to a supernatural answer”.

The idea that Stella Lansing was experiencing more than just mechanical failure first occurred to her when she was shooting high tension wires near her home in Massachusetts.

”suddenly this burst of light came off them and shot up towards the moon and down south west and as it did, all these multi coloured lights were flashing and that’s when I got this image which looked liked arms sticking out”.

A frame by frame analysis of Stella’s film revealed some astonishing images which included a group of four men. There has been speculation and debates as to it’s authenticity, so the film was taken to The Brooks Institute, which is a prestigious photography study centre in Santa Barbara, California. Donald Selwyn a visual imaging expert said  ”8mm motion pictures are so small frame by frame that it’s virtually impossible to fake them without a sophisticated laboratory and animators, you would have to run a Walt Disney studio to do it, a person like Stella Lansing just couldn’t of done it”.

Even more mysterious than the image of the four men, named as (The occupant’s), is what happened when the film was transferred to a video tape. Unidentified voices suddenly appeared! Analysis could not explain how Stella Lansing’s silent 8mm film with no sound track, could suddenly produce sound!

With no technical knowledge of photographs herself, Stella searched for someone who could explain the images. Dr Berthold Schwartz took her case and had studied Stella Lansing’s experience for 21 years. He said ”When I first met Stella, I became more and more curious, because here is a human being that get these things appearing, the kind of things you read about in the papers or see in the movies. Stella had laboriously collected through the years, she’d write on the film pocket, she’d write on scraps of paper, she’s collect clippings and you put it altogether and we have to ask the question, how do we explain it… Questions upon questions but then it becomes fascinating and a real mystery of the first order”.

Some of Stella’s most strangest images were referred to as ‘the clock series’. Images captured on film would centre around things such as churches and aeroplanes, appearing both in day and night. Interestingly and bizarrely, when the single lights of the clock formations are enlarged, they reveal space craft like images and even more astonishingly these so called space craft extend beyond the edge of the film frame.

”It overlaps the film frame indeed the time, the space barrier is smashed in some way by these occurrences”.

An expert has said that he can find ‘some’ rational reasoning and perhaps a mechanical problem with the camera, however this doesn’t explain the clockwork type images or the fact that Stella Lansing used six different camera’s, three different types of film, inside and outside, in daylight and at night, and in five different states!

She even succeeded when her camera was switched for another at the last minuet. So could of Stella Lansing somehow of affected the film subconsciously? To find out, Dr Swartz subjected Stella to a psychiatric evaluation and brain wave analysis. In 1971 Dr Swartz himself filmed a breakthrough field study, himself and Stella drove to the power lines where the image of the four men appeared on Stella Lansing’s film. She said ”something is going to come, they always do” and sure enough these two orange/reddish glares appeared. Swartz said ”what does this mean?”

It causes many to believe that either there’s some type of mind projection, that she is somehow projecting these images onto the film with her imagination, or another theory is (which is not yet provable) is that could things possibly exist in other dimensions in a boarder line way where they flicker in and out of our dimension, said a Brookes Institute Imaging expert.

The mystery has never been solved, no one has been able to give a definitive answer and to this day has perplexed and confused experts.

Stella Lansing sadly passed away in 2012. In memory of Stella Lansing.


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