What Might It Mean To See The Number 13 And 23 And What Re Occurrence Of These Numbers Could Represent?

What does it mean to see repeated numbers, you might look up at the clock and often see the same number or number re occur time and time again, it is suggested that seeing repeated numbers is guidance from higher realms, spiritual guidance from higher love and often referred to as ‘Angel numbers’.

Each number has a different message. The meanings could be slightly different for each person. 13’s are traditionalists, hard workers and organisers.
13 people are very vulnerable and can be very sensitive and easily offended, but they usually relax when they are sure of your friendship, love and support. An angry 13 person is a force to be reckoned with as they are guts and defend themselves well –  but they must remember that their words can do irreparable damage.As the 13 vibration is associated with genius, people under the influence of 13 need to strive to transmute all their vices into virtues. Number 13 people go through many trials, tests and temptations in their search for the spiritual consciousness.

The conscious must always be their guide as number 13 is the number of ‘right judgement’ and their spiritual growth is more often gained through pain rather than pleasure.
13 people are often very sensitive and can have early struggles in life. They make exceptionally  loyal friends and once they get comfortable their true potential blossoms.


The number 23 is made up of the energy and features of the number 2 and number 3.  Number 2 resonates with duality and balance, harmony and co-operation, trust and faith, responsibility and service, and your Divine life’s purpose. Number 3 brings its joy and optimism, creativity and self expressions, growth, assistance and encouragement. Number 3 also relates to the ascended masters.  This makes 23 a number of charisma, communication, duality and society.
Number 23 is a message that the angels and ascended masters are helping and guiding you with maintaining your trust and faith in the Universe as you work to manifest your highest aspirations and desires.
When feeling doubt or fear ask your higher love guide and help as they are with you by your side.
Number 23 is a message encouraging you to use your natural talents and creativity to bring happiness and joy into your life and onto others. Communicate openly and honestly with others, and really reach and strive to help others in your daily life. What you put to the Universe comes back so keep a positive outlook and optimistic views to ensure that all in your life remains within harmony.

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