What Is Qi And It’s Power…

The human form is an astonishing thing and the more that is learnt about it the more questions we have…

Researchers have known that electricity powers the body for centuries but more recently we have learned that the human body emits low amounts of light. However the body creating and emitting energy is not a recent idea. It pre dates the harness of electricity dating back to the ancient times. Is it quite possible that human beings are capable of much more than emitting light, heat, electromagnetic fields and electricity. What is Qi and can it really be used as a defence mechanism.
The idea of Qi is often misunderstood in the west but for hundreds of years it has been an important concept in traditional Chinese medicine.

In Chinese philosophy the term Qi means air, it is a vital force that exists everywhere throughout the universe. It is indefinite, invisible and one of a kind and often elucidated as ‘a kind of energy’.


The beliefs in energy’s like Qi is not a unique idea to Chinese philosophy.
Hinduism has a concept called ‘Prana’.
Greek culture has a belief in something called ‘Mana’- meaning the breathe or the soul.

People who recognise and support the knowledge of Qi see it as part of a larger medicinal philosophy in opposition to western medicines and if it’s true that Qi is defensive, especially when it comes to the claims of Qi masters, many of which posses super human powers for example; starting fires with Qi power, human resistance to injury and even more controversially, the ability to knock someone to the ground with just the solo power of Qi.

So what is going on? Clearly something is causing numerous people to fall to the ground when they believe they are being struck with the force of Qi.

According to studies, the victims of these no contact Qi blasts are succumbing to an idea in much the same way a person might do under hypnosis and they are not attempting to deceive anyone or anything like that. They just sincerely believe they’re being struck with an invisible force, which in essence is the idea of Qi, almost in a supernatural spiritual way.
Interestingly non believers apparently do not have the same reaction. This to many proves that it’s a state of mind rather than matter. But regardless of the mind over matter theory… there is clearly something going on! An invisible force that is within the human body and all around us in the universe? For sure I believe that are potential is much greater than we are lead to believe.


”Qi is the vital energy that powers all life on the most fundamental level”
Einstein was one of the first Western scientific pioneers to address this energy foundation in his theory of relativity, which posits that all matter is in fact energy.

Qi is used to address chronic illness in Chinese medicine. It is said to heal and replenish the electromagnetic energy within the body.


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