Ways To Help Combat Anxiety And Panic Attacks.

Anxiety is something that more and more people are either suffering from or becoming more aware of. In today’s society there can be many stresses of life that can get us down or make us feel on edge, nervous, anxious or even panicked.
Anxiety is used to describe feelings of unease, worry and fear. It incorporates both the emotions and the physical sensations we might experience when at a heightened level of anxiety.
Anxiety can become problematic for people, if your feelings of anxiety are very strong, or last for a long time, it can be overwhelming.
Anxiety however is a normal human emotion that is actually necessary to us all, it’s just that sometimes people feel it at a heightened level on a regular basis and that’s when it’s important to learn how to keep it a bay. An example of the anxious feelings becoming more intrusive are:
feeling that you’re worrying all the time, perhaps about things that are a regular part of everyday life, or about things that aren’t likely to happen – or even worrying about worrying.


It’s also very common for people to get into a vicious cycle of being afraid of having the anxiety and it’s effect on them or fearing the physical symptom’s that one can feel when in an anxious state. The good news is, is that there are many different techniques and paths one can take to ease the awful feelings of anxiety.

Here is a list of some of the practices that are beneficial to aid people in lowering their anxiety level.

.Taking deep breaths- Taking deep inhale and exhale’s in a slow and calm manner, will help to regulate your breathing again and normal function of the body (Making sure not to over breathe though as this can make one feel a bit fuzzy headed).

.Paper bag- Although it may sound funny, having a paper bag to hand can really help to ease symptom’s of anxiety, in particular, panic anxiety. Breathing into a paper bag is to “re-breathe” your exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) which has a calming effect on the body and therefore helpful in calming the racing mind too.

.Deep muscle relaxation- This technique can be done in various ways for example often a nice soothing bath will really help to relax your mind and body, specifically because when the hot water touches your body it naturally loosens the muscles and gives a calming effect. Another muscle relaxing technique is in the form of a small exercise routine:
1.Face: push the eyebrows together, as though frowning, then release.
2.Neck: gently tilt the head forwards, pushing chin down towards chest, then slowly lift again.
3.Shoulders: pull them up towards the ears (shrug), then relax them down towards the feet.
4.Chest: breathe slowly and deeply into the diaphragm (below your bottom rib) so that you’re using the whole of the lungs. Then breathe slowly out, allowing the belly to deflate as all the air is exhaled.
5.Arms: stretch the arms away from the body, reach, then relax.
6.Legs: push the toes away from the body, then pull them towards body, then relax.
7.Wrists and hands: stretch the wrist by pulling the hand up towards you, and stretch out the fingers and thumbs, then relax.

.Focus- If you have a panic attack, remind yourself that the frightening thoughts and sensations will eventually pass.

.Creative visualisation- It’s often hard to gather your train of thought when in the mists of a panic/anxiety attack, however instead of thinking of all those negative things, really try to bring positive thoughts back into the mind and gradually the mind and therefore the body will start to calm down again.

.Mindfulness, consciousness, being in the now- Mindfulness is becoming more and more renowned for helping people who suffer with anxiety and can have some really positively profound effects on the anxiety felt. A good mindfulness technique is to try and clear your mind, and immediately once you start to feel your mind clearing, focus on an object around you, it could be anything from a tree in the distance to your own car steering wheel. Touch it, feel the texture of that object or if the object is in the distance, try to visualise as much detail of that particular object as possible and recall those details in your mind and then once you have all the information of that object, then you can always go on to another object to focus on and repeat the same technique, if you’re still feeling shakey or uneasy/anxious/fearful.

Please remember though, that anxiety is a normal human function and emotion but we just need to learn how to keep it at a level which doesn’t interfere with our everyday life. Remember also that you are not alone, there are many people that are suffering with various degrees of anxiety.

lets beat the negative anxiety together!


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