Bernard d’ Espagnat, Physicist Who Argued That Quantum Laws Provide A View Of A Definitive Spiritual Realm.

A French physicist and philosopher called Bernard d’ Espagnat, has recently passed away. Previously winning the Templeton Prize, awarded to people who declare life’s spiritual dimension.

Quantum Physics is renowned for appearing to defy the normal laws of physics, undermining the nature of reality.

Albert Einstein disregarded certain aspects of quantum mechanics, associated with the term ‘entanglement’ and debated that if quantum physics predicted such sporadic and nonsensical actions which conflict with conventional law of physics, then the theory in itself had to be investigated more.


Bernard d’ Espagnat who met researchers John Clauser and Stuart Freedman, who set up a test to confirm their suspicions and findings on ‘Entanglement’. In a well known scientific magazine, d’Espagnat argued that materialist commodities which state that the world is made up of objects whose survival is independent of human consciousness and that objects extensively separated in space cannot effect each other synchronously, is not only in debate with the advanced declaration of quantum mechanics, but with facts supposedly conclusively proved by experiment.

Bernard d’ Espagnat’s article helped to provoke more advanced experiments, conducted by the French physicist Alain Aspect and more. Which has suggested that d’Espagnat’s reflective insights might be valid.

d’ Espagnat who was a professor at University Paris-Sud, invented the term ‘Veiled Reality’ to explain a mysterious world beyond what is perceptive and visible, which science can only take a brief look through the study of quantum mechanics, and debated could in fact be very compatible with ”higher perspectives of spirituality”.

His work has depicted a substantial step in the method which led to the development of ‘Quantum Information Science’, a prospering field of study joining physics, mathematics and information science.

George d’ Espagnat, the only son of Bernard d’ Espagnat studied mathematics and went onto take a PHD under the supervision of Louis de Brogile, a first of quantum physics.

George d’ Espagnat joined CERN, (The European Organisation For Nuclear Research).

In memory of Bernard d’ Espagnat, born August 22 1921, died August 1 2015.


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