Would The World’s Governments Ever Disclose Knowledge Of Alien Life? Are we being prepared for a disclosure?

Paul Hellyer is a Canadian engineer and politician, he is one of the highest ranking alien believer’s. ”I think that tax paying citizens are quite capable of excepting the news and broader reality, that we live in a cosmos teeming with life of various sorts”.


More than 90% of American’s believe that other forms of life exist out there somewhere is the universe. For people who already believe in alien life, the worlds silence about the subject only accentuates a cover up of numerous descriptions and to other’s it might mean that there is just nothing to disclose!

But what if governments do indeed have undeniable evidence of alien life? Why would a government keep such amazing discoveries a secret?!

  1. Imagine the outlook that people may take, the philosophical mind altering potential that could come from the concept that alien life exists..
  2. If the government did expose such knowledge, after such a long deception , then one might ask what else are they hiding. Creating more social dis trust and possible backlash.
  3. There is a strong chance that officially revealing such information, would endanger the government/s.

Some conspiracist’s believe that a disclosure may be on it’s way, believing that movie portrayals such as 2001 space odyssey, E.T. and Men In Black are all part of a wider project to soften the idea in an attempt to familiarise people to such ideas or realities.

This won’t be the first time that conspiracists have believed that social engineering has or is being used. To many it’s just a matter of time before one government or another is going to disclose such information.

It also won’t be the first time that high ranking people have gone on record to say that they either believe, have seen or want a public disclosure of extra terrestrial life.

The 34th President Of The United States President Eisenhower, claimed to believe in E.T’s. It has been suggested and documented that Eisenhower met with alien beings and also wanted to tell the citizens of America, only to be told that was not going to happen and part of the reason among many was that it would destroy the global economic system due to the knowledge that these apparent ET’s were peace loving beings that wanted to make Earth a peaceful and rightful planet. In essence they had the secrets and technology to peace on Earth and Eisenhower wanted to share that knowledge.

Whatever your beliefs, whether your a non believer, or a complete believer, conspiracist or possess the traits of a strict analytical mind, you have to admit that there’s something’s that don’t quite add up.

Maybe we shall see a disclosure in the coming years, or shall these discoveries remain top secret and the system of confused thinking to remain the same.


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