Tips To Help You Connect With Your Consciousness.

When you think of today’s society in which we inhabit and you see the trials, tribulations and stresses of life, it’s easy to see the undeniable benefits of an awakened consciousness.

What is consciousness – Consciousness is the awareness or perception of an inward feeling or spiritual feeling of oneness, wholeness and that all is derived of a love energy. In an all that is and ever has been. Consciousness is more of a feeling rather than a thought, so there can be many written depictions of the word.

Some clear steps to help you work towards achieving consciousness are:


  1. Choose empowering beliefs
  2. Avoid fighting and abuse.
  3. Accept your emotions and be the observer of your emotions, rather than the force behind them.
  4. Channel all of your compassionate thoughts and feelings and use them on a regular daily basis.
  5. Identify with your soul and know that you are a spiritual being who is in a physical body.
  6. Face your demons – any fears that you have, face them, which will empower and give energy to your soul.
  7. Practice present moment and mindfulness techniques (concentrating on specific objects and touching, feeling the object’s texture in detail) can help to bring presence to yourself.

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