7 Signs That Alien Life Has Visited….?

 1. The Wow Signal.


University of Ohio picked up a signal coming from nearly 220 million light years away, that was so powerful, it was named ‘the wow signal’.

Scientists are perplexed and baffled as to how a signal so strong could come from such a distance without use of super  advanced technology.

2. Hieroglyphics


It’s crazy to see but there is what appears to show Hieroglyphic images of helicopter’s, submarine’s, boat’s and jet    aeroplane’s. Conspiracists claim that this is strong evidence of alien life visiting earth many many years ago.

3. Battle Of Los Angeles


February 24th 1942 there were floods of reports claiming there to be a UFO in the skies. After the attack of Pearl Harbor, the sky was quickly  under surveillance with search lights. The UFO aircraft was hit multiple times and ordinarily would have been destroyed but this vehicle was unharmed, with no damage whatsoever and then disappeared into the night, never to be seen again and still remains a complete mystery to this day.

4. Mars Methane


In 2004, independent studies reported massively high amounts of methane within the atmosphere of Mars… Ok so you’re probably thinking not very exciting, however, that is until you realize that nearly all methane on earth is created by living organisms.

5. Alien Ambassador 


Yes! There is an Alien Ambassador. that was appointed by the United Nations Office For Outer Space Affairs. They deal with all space related activity including Alien visitors.

6. Mystery Distress Message From Somewhere Outside Of The Andromeda Galaxy


Apparently a signal from space asking for help was received by NASA in 1998 from a civilisation that had somehow  managed to destroy itself. The signal took about 80,000 years to get here and it took about 13 years to decipher the  complex mathematical code.

An article is to be presented in some scientific journals in the near future.

7. Apollo 11 Sightings


Three days into the Apollo 11 Mission, the crew reported a strange object flying near by to them. Then they received information that the object was in fact over 6,000 miles away. It remains a mystery to this day. NASA scientists have no explanation. Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong have both reported seeing UFO’s.

There are many more unexplained events that have surfaced in recent years, just recently earlier in 2015 NASA cut live transmission and it was reported by many that this was due to a UFO becoming visible on the live stream.

 Is it only a matter of time before Alien life presents itself in a way to us that nothing could deny it’s existence… 


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