Great Homemade Toothpaste Recipe.

I prefer to use natural products when I can and here is my homemade toothpaste recipe.

Many of you might of heard of the term ‘oil pulling’, well this isn’t to dis similar to the idea. Your basically using natural ingredients to protect your teeth and oral health, without the use of standard toothpastes that often surprisingly have sweeteners in them. When I realised that my mouth just didn’t feel as healthy as it should after using regular toothpaste, I searched for an alternative and my mouth and teeth have never felt healthier.


Toothpaste recipe:

.Coconut oil- 100% cold pressed (you can buy from health food stores or online stores such as amazon and ebay).

.Baking Soda- any regular baking soda you can buy from most supermarkets or discount stores.

.Sea Salt

.3% Hydrogen Peroxide- Not all will like this option but because of the low potency of the hydrogen peroxide, it’s almost like brushing your teeth with water, only you’re killing all the bacteria in your mouth which also prevents bad breathe.

I have mixed all of these ingredients together and produced a nice consistency for me to brush my teeth with but if you do not feel comfortable using all of these ingredients then just brushing your teeth with coconut oil alone will keep your mouth healthy, protect against cavities and make your teeth whiter also and anyone of these ingredients you can you solo.


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